Distribution Network Analysis

Make your supply chain more efficient. Using the Distribution Network Analysis (DNA) you can find the best place or places to add warehouses.


Why DNA?

Cost Savings

Fewer miles driven means more money in your pocket. With a correctly placed or additional warehouses your shipping costs can be reduced up to 80%. Being more efficient has never been more profitable.


Faster Shipping

All customers today want 1 and 2 day shipping. By correctly locating a warehouse or additional warehouses you can satisify more customer who demand these requirements. Speed grows your client base.


Reduce Carbon Footprint

Saving money has never been more environmentally friendly. By reducing the number of miles driven you reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the carbon emissions from the trucks that haul your products.


Transform Your Network


Know Where You Want To Be?

If you already know where you are looking to grow your network, fill out the form at the link below and allow our experienced team to connect you with leading developers and fulfillment companies that can fulfill all of your needs in your chosen market.


Grow With Us

Thanks to our staff and technology at DataSource, we have virtually every resource available to help our customers grow. Whether it is a boring process you want automated or a hunch you have about the market, we are here to help. If you think it will help you grow your business, we want to hear about it!